Robert Kijański, private detective, addresses his offer and provides services to business entities and institutions, including:

  • business intelligence,
  • examination of a business partner’s reliability,
  • collection of information about employees and candidates for defined jobs,
  • identification of assets for the purpose of debt collection proceedings,
  • professional analysis of registration documents of commercial companies,
  • analysis of defined private individuals and legal persons in accordance with criteria defined by the client, including property, family and professional status,
  • outsourcing in relation to business security services and business intelligence and counter-intelligence services,
  • consultancy on safety and security and business intelligence and counter-intelligence,
  • discovery, protection and deactivation of spy equipment and applications and taps,
  • agency services in relation to the sale, lease and installation of hidden audio and video equipment used to monitor a person or a place,
  • consultancy on the selection of strategic and technological solutions connected with widely understood business security,
  • disclosure and documentation of law infringement connected with the violation of intellectual property and copyrights, as well as regulations on trademarks.

For business entities and institutional clients, we provide business intelligence services. Our employees can verify a business partner’s reliability, identify property subject to debt collection proceedings, find lost goods, check whether employees are honest, make any comprehensive findings and checks at public institutions, courts and public administration authorities with regard to a defined private individual or legal person. We will collect all information useful for the client in accordance with the client’s needs.

Special services

Our offer also covers the discovery of tapping and monitoring equipment, the lease and installation of GPS equipment, image and sound recording services at defined locations, and other services. We provide our services by the use of modern and technologically advanced equipment and qualified professionals.

We offer a full range of detective and business intelligence services in a discreet, reliable and professional way. We ensure professional honesty and loyalty to our clients.